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About Us


In 1992 Jerry & Kathy Pederson founded Express Computer Supplies which primarily provided printer supplies to Motorola systems users. We then developed a relationship with Texas Instruments that included printer supplies, parts distribution and tech support. As both Motorola and Texas Instruments exited the printer industry we were faced with having to find a new direction. It was in 1997 that Kathy and I were in the office on a Saturday and I was reading about this new thing called the internet and about domain names. I asked Kathy what she thought of the idea of securing the name PrinterSupplies.com; the cost would be $200.00. She said I think it would be a waste of 200.00 and why don't you get back to work. I know she's sick of that story but I just had to tell it. Rather than telling you about this great environmental agenda or how we really care or how our service is second to none or prices that can't be beat I thought I would just give you the facts. PrinterSupplies.com offers in excess of 6,500 products on our website; these include original manufactured parts & supplies and recycled parts & supplies. The choice is yours as everyone's situation is different. Our goal is to make your experience fast, easy, pleasant and safe. What you see is what you get. We display our names, addresses and phone numbers. I'm always suspect as an internet consumer when companies seem to hide any pertinent information like who owns the company or the company address and phone numbers. If you are to trust us with your personal information you should expect to know who you're doing business with.

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